World of Kashrut - Kosher Supervision

Our company has given service and advice on management and consultation in every area in the world of kashrut - kosher supervision - in Israel and the world for many years.

We understand that the kashrut standard of today is not what it once was. 

Due to the complexity of the basic ingredients
, the demands of kashrut, and the bureaucracy of various interests when it comes to obtaining kashrut certification of imported products; a number of expectations and challenges exist. Bureaucracy between the local rabbanut (Rabbis) and local businesses also affects the process of
receiving approval by the Chief Rabbanut of Israel.

Another consideration is a business’ uncertainty as to which kashrut
organization is the correct one to employ in order to match the kosher certification needs of their target population.

Concern about the optimal level of kashrut to best market its products is another factor which companies need to consider.

After years of experience in a number of kashrut organizations, we are happy to offer professional advice which will give you peace of mind on these many issues; and we will work with you to determine what is most recommended and appropriate for you and your goals.

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